As a remote, full service lodge near Kodiak, Alaska, we require a very important team to ensure our guests enjoy their visit. We do not hire a lot of employees, but try to attract good-natured, hard working, easy to get along with folks who don’t mind spending the summer away from the city!

Each position on Raspberry Island is a unique, one of a kind position, in an environment and location that is likely completely foreign to many people considering a job with us.  We receive a huge number of applications during our very short hiring period.  Here are some pointers to help you A) decide if this job is right for you, and B) help you achieve the position.

  1. Know what you’re applying for.  We have a very lengthy job description and employee handbook published. They go into detail in describing what is expected of you, where and how you will be living, and what you can expect in return.  Understand what you’re getting yourself into before you spend the money on airplane tickets and turn down other job opportunities.  Don’t overlook the employee handbook, it goes further into detail about what we offer and what we expect in return.
  2. Apply.  If this looks like a great opportunity for you, we encourage you to apply, even if you’re afraid you’re not fully qualified.
  3. We ask you to please completely fill out the entire job application we have developed and made available for you.  This isn’t a form we copied off of the internet, but specific questions we have developed to ensure this will be a beneficial relationship.  Demonstrating that you know what you’re applying for and that you can completely fill out a job application is a strong step towards consideration for the position.  Every year we get several applications from people who simply attach their resume and ask that we please consider them for any position; not a good way to go about it in our eyes.
  4. Please understand that some of our positions are two-term, or half season, so about 2 months long, as reflected in the job description.  New applicants will not be offered full term, full season positions.
  5. Team Members who have worked with us before are automatically considered first for rehire and are eligible for full term employment.  

Understand that it is expensive to get to Kodiak.  While the following are paid positions, please ensure you take into account that your point of hire is Raspberry Island; and that you are comfortable with making the financial commitment to not only get here, but also to invest in the clothing and licensure some of the positions require.  These requirements will be listed in each job description.  Please do your research before applying for the position.

Employment Opportunities for 2024 Season

All positions have been filled for 2024! Thank you for your interest!