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Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge

Kodiak Islands, Alaska: We are a beautiful, full service Kodiak Island Wilderness Lodge located on Raspberry Island, in the Kodiak Island Archipelago, Alaska. We offer all inclusive packages that include Kodiak Halibut Fishing, Kodiak Salmon Fishing, Kodiak Bear Viewing, Sea Kayaking, Hiking/Backpacking, and Photography of Alaska’s Wilderness and Alaskan Wildlife. We are Truly Remote; nearly twenty miles away from the nearest community and every window offers a view of the surrounding mountains or ocean. Private Guest Cabins with indoor bathrooms, delicious Fresh Alaskan Seafood, hydroelectric power, wireless internet, complimentary locally brewed beer on tap as well as wines paired to each evening meal, and customized service are just a sampling of what you will enjoy on your vacation.

Kodiak Fishing offers many rewards in both the sport value and table fare of the many different fresh and salt water species of fish that we can target, including all five species of Pacific Salmon, Lingcod, Yelloweye Rockfish, and big Pacific Halibut. Our two custom built thirty-six foot aluminum catamarans, complete with fully enclosed heated cabins, private bathrooms, full electronics, and all the top of the line fishing gear you’ll need during your stay. Thanks to our remote location, we never have to travel far to fish. If you chose to harvest your catch, we include in our packages the professional care, handling, filleting, vacuum sealing, labeling, freezing, and boxing of your fish every day.

Sea Kayaking, Hiking, and omnipresent Photographic Opportunities are a natural addition to any visit to such a remote and pristine part of Remote Alaska and this Kodiak Island Wilderness.  Most trips start right here from the lodge, and are easily tailored to your experience and enthusiasm… from long treks along deer, elk, and bear trails, to a short float and a nap on the beach in the sunshine.  These trips offer not just viewing, but participation in, Alaska’s Wilderness. All activities are fully guided and outfitted.

Our Fly Out Bear Viewing Trips tie in a flight along the coast of the Kodiak Island Archipelago in a sea plane with a walk in on foot with your guide to share the same ground as the wild Alaskan Brown Bear.  Not for the faint of heart, and recommended for kids 10 and over, this can be a very exciting and special experience while in Alaska and visiting Raspberry Island.

We are second generation to Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge and the Kodiak area; we know the area, we know the fish, and we want you to have the time of your life! We invite you to enjoy this website and we hope we might be included in your Alaskan vacation plans!

~ Birch and Tiffany Robbins

I find myself smiling some days thinking of what a wonderful place Raspberry Island is. Great people, fishing, food, views…. You know!
~ Nick B. New Hampshire

Thank you for everything. Everyone I have talked to has asked about the Raspberry Island experience and I have found it turns out to be a 30 to 45 minute description. You know this is weird but I cannot stop thinking about that area and everything that makes it special.
~ Mike E. Iowa