Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge


New Boats!

New for 2018 are our new fishing boats, the Savvy and Serendipity! As some of you know, we’ve been designing and preparing for new boats for some time now, and the end result is beyond our expectations. Designed in New Zealand and built here in Alaska by Alaskan Aluminum Power Catamarans, they are perfect for […]

Halibut Regulations for 2018

Well, this year’s halibut regulations were finally finalized and published. Our limits this year, in all of Area 3A (Homer, Seward, Kodiak, and that general area) are: Two halibut per person per day. One of those fish may be of any size, but the additional one must be under 28 inches long. Wednesdays are closed […]

New Van and Kodiak Road Tours

As our summer season approaches we’re finalizing details that will ensure your journey to Raspberry Island seamlessly transitions from your home to a remote island in the Kodiak Island Archipelago, Alaska. By now, those of you visiting us this summer should have made your travel reservations into Kodiak City, where our packages start. This year […]

Halibut Regulations for 2017

Halibut regulations for 2017 posted for Area 3A, simplified. One halibut of any size per person per day. A four fish annual limit (you may only harvest 4 halibut per year). Closed for halibut fishing Wednesday, AS WELL AS Tuesday, July 18, 25, and Aug 1. All other Tuesdays are open as usual. This covers […]

No Smoking Property in 2018

In 2018, we’ve decided to make Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge a no-smoking property.  This will extend to our fishing boats, as well.  If you’d like to smoke, we invite you to do so on the beach.  Thanks for understanding and we look forward to working with a smoke free team in a smoke free […]

Facebook Updates

Throughout the year, especially during the summer months, I do my best to journal on our lodge’s Facebook Page.  I also do my best, with our limited internet, to post video and pictures as frequently as I can, as well.  Winter time posts are whatever I can find; what does Raspberry Island look like under 2” […]

New Talent On the Gemini and Artemis

John the Legend and I are retiring this year.  John will return to his sweetheart Christy and their beautiful remote property on Kodiak, where they’ll grow many of the fresh, organic vegetables we serve.  I won’t completely ‘retire,’ but will step back and spend more time with my family and help manage the lodge and […]

2016 Halibut Regulations

The IPHC (International Pacific Halibut Commission) has released our 2016 halibut regulations for Areas 2C (SE Alaska, so Ketchikan, Sitka, Juneau, etc) and 3A (SC Alaska, so Seward, Homer, Kodiak; these are the regulations that affect us here on Raspberry). AREA 2C (South East Alaska) One fish daily bag limit Reverse slot limit of under […]

New Halibut Regulations for 2015

New Halibut regulations were imposed on Charter Anglers in March of 2015 for Area 3A, which includes Kodiak, Homer, Seward, Valdez, Yakutat, and all the way down to Elfin Cove, where even more stringent regulations have already been in place South of Elfin Cove in Area 2C, encompassing all of South East Alaska. Politics and […]

Overs and Unders

2014 was the first year I can remember that our halibut limit changed.  While the Southeast Alaska sport fishery has been plagued by many, many slot limits and harvest limit reductions, our regulations now state that while we may still harvest 2 halibut per person per day, one must be 29 inches long or smaller. […]