Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge

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Returning Team for 2024

Captains Bob and Brian will be joining us this summer, along with Chef Vincent, guides Hillary and Dannie, and of course Fisher and Sage.  Annie will help cover for Sage before Sage returns from school, and after she leaves us again this fall!  We’re thankful to have a dynamic team familiar with the goings on […]

New Outdoor Kitchen and Banya!

The banya was one of the first buildings my parents built in the mid-80s and, while still nearly as good as new, we decided to disassemble that building last winter and start over from scratch.  We love the original footprint of the banya my dad designed when he built the building, but added some space […]

New Hydro and Solar Power

In the spring of 2023, we underwent a complete upgrade of our existing hydroelectric system; we rebuilt our hydro building as well as added a new battery building, complete with permanent magnet 60 amp/48volt hydro generators, Lithium Ion (LFP) Batteries, new 15kw inverters, added a 72-panel solar farm, and new 40kw Caterpillar on-demand diesel generator. […]

New Van and Kodiak Road Tours

As our summer season approaches we’re finalizing details that will ensure your journey to Raspberry Island seamlessly transitions from your home to a remote island in the Kodiak Island Archipelago, Alaska. By now, those of you visiting us this summer should have made your travel reservations into Kodiak City, where our packages start. This year […]

No Smoking Property in 2018

In 2018, we’ve decided to make Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge a no-smoking property.  This will extend to our fishing boats, as well.  If you’d like to smoke, we invite you to do so on the beach.  Thanks for understanding and we look forward to working with a smoke free team in a smoke free […]

Facebook Updates

Throughout the year, especially during the summer months, I do my best to journal on our lodge’s Facebook Page.  I also do my best, with our limited internet, to post video and pictures as frequently as I can, as well.  Winter time posts are whatever I can find; what does Raspberry Island look like under 2” […]

A Humble Thank You

Tiffany and I would like to thank those of you who are joining us again this year on Raspberry Island.  Returning guests and those of you who have been referred to us by a past guest make up a large part of our business every year.  This year we are humbled to say that our […]

Top Ten Reasons to Visit Raspberry Island in June

June is one of our favorite months on Raspberry Island, and since it is really the first month of our summer, Tiffany and I thought we’d write a “top ten” list featuring June: 10:  Summer is here!!  Vegetation is coming in green, pushing right into the snow up high. 9:  The Kodiak Island Brown Bear […]


We are nearly complete booked for the remainder of this summer and are humbly receiving reservations for 2013 and 2014.  Returning to Raspberry Island and referring your friends and family interested in a vacation to Alaska is the greatest honor guests could give us.  Many are doing so, and planning their return or first visit.  […]

Summer Update

It is hard to believe that it’s already the end of June!  Lush green has covered the islands, though some of this winters heavy snows still fill crevices and nooks on the mountain tops. We have had an incredible start to our summer, beginning in late April with the various construction projects we undertook, and […]