Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking Kodiak Island, Alaska and Raspberry Island is a gentle, peaceful, and quiet way to explore some of our area’s beautiful coastline. The water is often very clear, and life below the boat is flourishing. Shale beaches, rocky outcroppings, and protected lagoons can all be accessed right from the lodge. Our large tides, with sometimes over twenty feet of vertical distance between high and low water, change the shorelines and sights on every trip. Our fleet of five two-person and four single Necky kayaks are very stable and we supply all support gear like skirts, life jackets, and paddles. No experience is necessary.

Our guides are knowledgeable of the area and the wildlife you might see on your trip. Sea Otters are plentiful and it is fun to watch these furry animals lounge on their backs and play with their babies. Humpback, Sei, Fin, and Minke Whales often visit Raspberry Straits, the body of water in front of the lodge, and can be fun to approach with our kayaks. These gentle and curious creatures are truly awesome when slowly gliding next to, or sometimes under, your kayak. Your experienced guide will take care not to interfere with the animal or put you in danger.

Many of our kayakers enjoy a nice fire on the beach and a hot dog and marshmallow roast. Others enjoy bringing a fishing rod along and trying for a salmon or Dolly Varden from the mouth of one of our local streams. The more adventurous consider a two day trip with a night in a tent, though, upon arriving at the lodge, usually decide that the Hot Tub, Warm Meal, Shower, and Soft Bed with flannel sheets are just too inviting. We are happy to please.

…we have had stellar five days ….  Fishing has been superb, meals fabulous, bear viewing and kayaking a great time for my boys.  We venture back to the hot, humid East Coast with heavy hearts but fond memories (and plenty of fish). Hope to be back again soon.
~ Eric, Susan, Russel, Will O.,  McLean, VA