Kodiak Island Fishing represents some of the best halibut fishing and salmon fishing in the world. Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge is visited every year by both experienced and new anglers from around the globe. They come for the fun, the pursuit, and the table fare of this wild Alaskan query. We can target King Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, Silver Salmon, Pacific Halibut, over five species of Rockfish, Lingcod, Pacific Grey Cod, Dolly Varden, and Tanner (Snow) Crab. Many days result in mixed bags with several species caught, yet we are happy to specifically target what you are looking for. We provide top of the line equipment, tackle, and bait matched to the species we are targeting. If you would like to harvest your catch, your fish will be carefully handled, filleted, vacuum sealed, labeled, and frozen for you at the end of each day.

Ocean fishing is supported by our two all aluminum, custom built hydrofoil assist catamarans. The Savvy and the Serendipity are 36 feet long and 14’ 8” wide, and each boat has 600 horsepower to cruise at 35MPH! Though we enjoy the benefits of both boat’s size, we allow only six guests or fewer to enjoy their large decks. Compared to other boats, their catamaran style hulls drastically improve stability and the extra beam gives us a lot of room to fish and work fish. Each provides a complete compliment of top quality fishing gear, braided lines, and terminal tackle. We are prepared to utilize every opportunity as it develops. Both boats have a fully enclosed heated cabin and private bathroom. Each also has a full array of navigational and fish finding electronics. Our captains are friendly, knowledgeable, and committed to achieving your goals during your stay with us. Our focus is that you are safe, have fun, and catch a lot of fish.

Halibut can be huge; catching fish weighing twenty pounds is common with these fish growing to over four hundred pounds. At Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge, every moment your line is in the water is an opportunity to catch one of these huge fish. We use stand up rods, two-speed lever drag reels, and big circle hooks with bait or 12-16 oz jigs, fishing depths from forty five to over three hundred feet. We are subject to less tide than other parts of Alaska, and are fortunate to only need 10-16 oz sinkers when targeting fish near the bottom.

In addition to Halibut, we often target Lingcod, a variety of different species of Rockfish, and Pacific Grey Cod, and while not as prestigious as the mighty Halibut, many of our guests prefer these alternate species, both during the pursuit and on the table.

In the ocean, we target Salmon with trolling gear or by mooching. Kings in our area can reach eighty or more pounds, and Silver/Coho salmon range from eight to twenty pounds, and action can be intense with multiple hook ups and limits of five Silvers per person per day common. We focus on bait balls and their migration routes as they return to the same rivers they were born in.

Fly and Spin Fishers visit Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge every year for our climactic Silver Salmon returns as these amazing fish return to the exact rivers they were born in. We meet them at the river mouths or along the banks of the system they will journey up with time proven flies and lures, and they are often very responsive. Our captains will be with you and our boats on standby incase we decide to transition back to salt water fishing during the day; often because we’ve caught our limits on the rivers!

Crabbing has become popular in recent years, and we have been harvesting Tanner (Snow) Crab with our guests for some time now. We typically bait our crab pots when you arrive, then retrieve them on our way home after a day of fishing a time or two during your stay. Cracking fresh crab, enjoying the kegerator, and watching our team fillet fish is one of the more popular evening events here on Raspberry Island!

Wonderful 5 days of fishing and relaxing.  Taking home plenty of halibut, salmon and crab-limited on all 2 days, last day of ‘fun fishing’ incredible, I caught and released over 15 Silvers and uncounted Pinks on flies and spinners.  Birch did a great job putting us on the fish and keeping us relaxed with the conversation.  I’ve fished Alaska before but this is the only place that I’m already planning to come back to. Wonderful people, wonderful fishing, wonderful site.  5 stars on everything.
~Ed and Brad F.,  Palm Coast, FL