Alaskan marine life, living in and around Kodiak and its archipelago, flourish. While on the Savvy or Serendipity, it is very common to see this life up close. Depending on the enthusiasm of the folks on board, we can often stop and watch whales, porpoises, sea otters, seals, and sea lions. We have spent hours watching Humpback whales play and breach, observed and followed family pods of Orcas migrating by, or shut the engines down and growled back and forth with the local Stellar Sea Lions. Our Dahl Porpoises are often the favorite as they dash at high speed over to us and play in the bow waves as we cruise along. It is possible to reserve the Savvy or the Serendipity all day or week to seek such experiences, or just watch for them on a fishing trip!

Got to spend the week with my Son – so it had to be good. The silvers were hit and miss for a while and then ended with a bang! Caught 2 82 lb butt-fish and my fly rod is aching. Great setting, food and hosts! My expectations were high and they were exceeded in every way! Thanks Robbins!
~Vic and Zach