Fresh Alaskan Seafood is a must on any vacation to Alaska. A benefit of visiting Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge is that you can enjoy whatever we catch fresh from the sea; fresh halibut, fresh salmon, fresh lingcod, fresh rockfish, you name it. A little known secret is our Feeder Kings, fish that are not mature and returning to spawn somewhere, but in the middle of their life with a few years yet to grow. Kind of like Veal King Salmon; juicy, tender, delicious.

Guests are happy to bring fish home knowing it is the very fish you caught, and has been professionally handled as food from the moment you chose to harvest each fish you catch, a decision that is made while the fish is still in the water. We bleed each fish and keep it in the water, either in the self cleaning fish holds on the Savvy or the Serendipity or on a stringer on the edge of the river, and will fillet, vacuum seal, label, and freeze your catch at the end of each day, only hours after it bit your hook. Crab you catch and choose to harvest is immediately cleaned and cooked at the lodge, to be enjoyed right then and there… Combine with a nice evening and the kegerator while our team fillets your harvest… boy howdy!! This is premium, hand caught, individually handled, wild Alaskan seafood. From your line to your table. Enjoy it.

Upon completion of your stay our team will pack your catch into our custom airline approved waxed fish boxes with an interior insulation pouch. Each box will not weigh over 50lbs to ensure a smooth transition at the airport. Most of our guests choose to take their fish home as check on luggage, and our guests traveling home report these boxes keep your fish frozen rock solid for 20-24 hours, freezer to freezer. You may also arrange to FedEx your fish boxes home 2nd day air at the going shipping rate if you prefer, or you feel your travel time exceeds the time above.

Have a bunch of Wild Alaskan Seafood and would like to try some of our recipes? A time ago we published Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge, Recipes and Recollections Refined over Two Generations. You can find it here at the lodge, or in our Online Lodge Store!