Alaskan Photography and photographic opportunities are mixed in with everything we do here on Raspberry Island. Eating breakfast we often see Bald Eagles, on fishing trips we may see Finback Whales, sea kayaking we might see a Kodiak Brown Bear, and on hikes we could see Harlequin Ducks or a Kingfisher. To market Raspberry Island Remote Lodge as a destination it is helpful to categorize some of the things we do, but really, it is happening all around us, all of the time. We are unstructured enough to where we can put away the fishing rods and play with the Dahl’s Porpoise or get in close to a pod of Sea Otters, pull the kayaks up on the beach to check out an Eagle Family, or pause a hike along the beach to pose with a Starfish.

What a great introduction to Alaska. Excellent fishing, food, lodging and scenery and a wonderful family to boot. I look forward to many returns. ~ Jim P. Florida