Bald Eagles, Puffins, Harlequin Ducks, and a number of other land and sea birds frequent our area. Though at least up to this point, we have never had anyone interested in coming to Raspberry Island Remote Lodge to just view birds, it would certainly be possible! They are often just a little extra spice to your stay. For example, we often see Horned and Common Puffins on a fishing trip and may have up to twenty Bald Eagles on our beach and the Spruce Trees around the lodge enjoying leftover fish scraps from the day’s catch, Harlequin Ducks from the kayaks, and a large Kittiwake Rookery on our way to the lodge from Kodiak City.

An accountant might look at Raspberry Island Remote (Lodge) and determine that the assets are the lodge, boat, cabins; but the real assets of this place are the people that run it. Thanks for the good fishing, exceptional kayaking & hikes, but most of all, thanks for letting me be a member of the family for a wonderful week!
~ David R.,  Tennessee