Please enjoy this collection of pictures, taken in September of 2008, by a photographer visiting from Hong Kong enjoying our Naturalist Package. These pictures are merely the tip of the iceberg, and we are indebted to John for sharing his entire collection of pictures that he took while here.

Raspberry Island Remote Lodge rounded up our 10-day trip to Alaska-and it was the trip’s highlight!  Nowhere else did we find this abundance of unspoiled nature and wildlife, this special tranquility and serenity.  On our arrival day Birch took the time to show us the feeding grounds of the whales, then the playgrounds of the otters, and finally the rock of the sea-lions-an unforgettable day!  Seeking the Grizzlies at Frasier Lake, being very close to them without feeling threatened, was an impressive experience; a walk with Jack along the shoreline showed the unspoiled beauty of Raspberry Strait.  Finally we kayaked a full day in the area, accompanied by eagles, otters and whales…
~ Laurene and Jurg  Switzerland