Types of Fish

Kodiak fishing here at Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge will frequently result in a variety of fish caught by the end of the day. Halibut, King Salmon, and Silver Salmon are the three most popular species targeted, though we can focus on whatever you would like. Halibut are a flat fish, averaging about twenty pounds, and can grow to over three hundred pounds. Contrary to popular belief, they do not burrow in the mud and wait for something to swim by, nor are they solely scavengers. They are opportunists. While they readily take our baits and jigs, we have seen them jump out of the water in pursuit of baitfish, and it is common to catch them far from the ocean floor while trolling for salmon. Bigger halibut will often have octopus, flounder, and even whole salmon in their bellies. Their table value is high and delicious; a white meat, and, if filleted properly, free of any bones. Fishing is productive for halibut from June through early October.

All five species of Pacific Salmon return to Kodiak’s waters and we can target each one. Outstanding action from a variety of catch methods, both in fresh and salt water, and an excellent table value help make salmon fishing a ‘must try’ while here. Most sought after are the Kings, Silvers, and Sockeye. Filleted, vacuum sealed, labeled, and frozen the end of each day will ensure the quality of fish you take home will far exceed that in your local supermarket. Best times for salmon are as follows: King and Sockeye: June-mid July. Pink and Chum: mid July-mid to late August. Coho in the salt water: mid July-late August, while Coho in the freshwater is best late August into October.

Ling Cod and the varieties of Rockfish in our area are fun to target, and, when fishing near their homes, you truly never know what you’re going to catch! When reeling up from the depths will you have the gaping, toothy maw of a Ling, the bright orange of a Yelloweye, or even the sharp tug and run of a halibut? Peacefully casting spoons or jigs for three to five pound Black Rockfish could result in the heavy smash of a Lingcod as the predator bites onto your catch! The varieties of white meat from each are excellent, especially fresh as sashimi that evening. Rockfish fishing is productive June through September, and Ling Cod season opens July 1, productive into September.

Dolly Varden are a type of Char, similar to a trout, found in a number of the small streams in our area, along beaches, and in the open ocean. They are greedy feeders and fun to catch.

Other species we may catch are Grey Cod, Skate, Salmon Shark, Bull Head, Green Ling, Sculpin, Octopus, Pollock, Rainbow Trout, and Steelhead.

I’ve fished out of several camps and lodges and Raspberry Island Remote (Lodge) is the best by a long shot. I wouldn’t change a thing. The fish and fishing was better than I expected and the hospitality was the best.
~ Darren and Mike M., MA