Halibut Regulations for 2017

Halibut regulations for 2017 posted for Area 3A, simplified. One halibut of any size per person per day. A four fish annual limit (you may only harvest 4 halibut per year). Closed for halibut fishing Wednesday, AS WELL AS Tuesday, July 18, 25, and Aug 1. All other Tuesdays are open as usual. This covers the bulk of South Central Alaska, like Homer, Seward, and Kodiak. SE Alaska, Area 2C, are further limited in that while they may retain one halibut per person per day (no closures), the fish must be smaller than about 30lbs, or bigger than 208lbs.

Optimistically, we hope these regulations will ensure our grandchildren can still chase halibut like we can today. Further, we can still harvest four of these great fish and send you home with thousands of dollars worth of fresh frozen halibut at the end of a successful trip, as well as an abundance of other types of Wild Alaskan Seafood we can target every day. Every trip is a joy and doing what we do each summer is a privilege. Hope to see you this summer chasing Halibut, Salmon, Rockfish, Cod, Lingcod, and pulling pots for Crab!