About Us

My wife, Tiffany, and I will be your hosts to Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge. My parents moved to Raspberry Island in 1983, when I was five, where they raised my sisters and me. As a family we developed Raspberry Island Remote Camps, where I worked as a guide and boat captain. Tiffany visited in the spring of 2001 with her dad and brother, and then returned that fall to help as a cook. Love continues to blossom, and we were married on the lodge’s main observation deck in the spring of 2003. We now have a son and a daughter, Fisher, born in 2004, and Sage, born in 2006.

Tiffany and I purchased Raspberry Island Remote Camps from my parents in 2007, changing the name to Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge in 2009 to better reflect what our services have developed into.

I grew up commercially fishing for salmon and herring fishermen with my family here on Raspberry Island as we built the lodge, and began professionally guiding fishermen and recreational enthusiasts in 1996. I am fully licensed by the Coast Guard and Alaska Fish and Game, and have an impeccable safety record. I also have a bachelor’s degree in Travel Industry Management from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. It is my goal that everyone is safe, has fun, and truly enjoys and experiences this wonderful place we live in.

Tiffany is by profession a Registered Nurse, with over nine years of experience in Pediatrics, PICU, and Med/Surg. She is a beautiful person and being from Casselton, North Dakota, is well versed in good hospitality! Her first season at Raspberry Island Remote Camps was in 2001, and since then she has done nearly every job at the lodge, including pack out Elk meat!  Her touches, seen and unseen, are everywhere; in the lodge, cabins, property, and our children. I am blessed to have her as a wife, partner, and friend.

Fisher and Sage completed grade school as home school students, then transitioned to a boarding school in Colorado through high school. They are important team members here on Raspberry, and we are tremendously proud of them and all they have accomplished academically and as young adults!

Our dogs, Sadie Sioux and Rambo, keep their eye on things outside and entertain our kids and guests. Both are great dogs and essential to Island Life.

The purpose of Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge is to touch the hearts of people across the world through the Spirit of God and this Wilderness, and to leave a lasting impression of excitement, family, simplicity, joy, and the desire to return.
~  Birch and Tiffany Robbins, Mission Statement for Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge