While protecting our environment is very important to us world wide, it is a necessity here at Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge. Certainly while a serene landscape, clear water, bountiful plants, animals, and fresh fish, free in the oceans around us, are what our lively hood is based on, our remote location also demands a frugal footprint. Everything must be hauled in and out, by boat or by plane.

Our hydro-electric system has been operational since 2004. Modified with a trough type feed and filter intake box, it works with the river, instead of against it. Not only is it clean, quiet, and renewable, it prevents us from hauling as much fossil fuel to satisfy a generator.

Garbage is always an issue. It was initially an attempt to cut back on bottles and cans that led to our relationship with the Kodiak Island Brewing Company — we now serve their beer on tap.

Fuel is expensive, so our boats are state of the art hydrofoil assist catamarans, a significant investment not only in the comfort of those going out on fishing or boating expeditions, but also to minimize fuel burn and conserve fuel costs.

We know there is always room for improvement, and we will continue to strive, through new technology and practice, to even further lower our impact on this amazing, beautiful place.

Words can not describe how lucky we are to have met such a wonderful family and a place so magnificent. This IS heaven on earth. The food was delicious and all the dinners were especially first class. Thank you for the bear viewing, the kayaking, hiking, fishing…Thank you again for sharing one of many Alaskan treasures. We look forward to our next visit.
~ Gary and Wendy, Spring, TX