Kodiak Raspberry Island Chalet


The Chalet was built by my parents in 2003 as a wedding present for Tiffany and I.  Nestled into the hillside on the edge of our property, the Chalet has one of the nicest views of any building on the property, with Southern views of Raspberry Straits and the rugged mountains on close by Afognak Island. The atmosphere is cozy and comfortable, with a petite kitchen, small, furnished living area/master bedroom, and cedar lined bathroom complete with flush toilet and shower.  The upstairs loft is accessible by Mahogany ladder and features two twin beds with flannel sheets and down comforters. The atmosphere is completed with a glass fronted wood stove, while a small, quiet, thermostatically controlled heater keeps the cabin warm when the fire isn’t crackling.

We invite you to contact us for more information and would please ask you to mention the Chalet if you’re interested in enjoying your vacation on Raspberry Island based out of this retreat.