Kodiak Raspberry Island Chalet


Many of our guests ask us about ‘tipping.’ First, you should know we feel our packages are priced fairly and we never expect a tip or gratuity–we appreciate your confidence in us and thank YOU for enjoying your vacation here on Raspberry Island with us. The best compliment you can give us is to visit us again in the future, or tell your friends about us if they are considering a vacation to Alaska.

That being said, if you feel our team exceeded your expectations and would still like to extend an extra gift to our crew, gratuities are always appreciated. Our team works hard and relies on gratuities to augment their summer income.  If you choose to leave a tip, you are welcome to either tip the lodge, which will be divided equally among our team, or you may tip staff members individually, which will not be divided. Average gratuities seem to be about 10%, though tipping in excess of that isn’t uncommon.  Most folks present tips as cash, check, and/or utilize our credit card machine in the main lodge.

Birch and Tiffany ARE NOT included in the lodge tip pool.

Please note that we do not include our subcontracted fly out bear viewing pilots and guides into our lodge tip pool, so please feel free to tip them directly if you so choose.  Typical amounts range from $20-$100 or more.

I wanted to thank the whole crew at Raspberry Island Remote Lodge. They made our stay one to remember. Caught lots of fish. Hiking , kayaking and bear view was my favorite. Thank y’all so much for opening your house to us. I am definitely coming back. The food was excellent and the Kodiak brown beer was so good. A special thanks to Birch Tiffany Sage and Fisher you guys rock. Beautiful place. We will see y’all in the near future
~ Kristen B., Mississippi