Before Booking

Some things to consider:

Please be aware of what you are purchasing. For example, if you are considering an Explorer Package, please understand the trip includes two days of fishing, a four hour fly out bear view, and two days of kayaking and/or hiking. Changing the package upon your arrival, for example, swapping a day of kayaking for an extra day of fishing, may not be possible if the boat is already reserved that day, and will increase your package rate. We have an extensive website and are always available for any questions while you are preparing your vacation.

The Kodiak Island Archipelago (and most of Alaska) may experience undesirable weather, which may delay or cancel your arrival, departure, and/or various activities while you are here, including your fly out bear view if you selected to participate in this activity. While it is nearly impossible to plan on delays and bad weather, there is a chance it may affect your trip, and it typically delays about four of our groups throughout the summer. There isn’t a specific time of summer that we experience bad weather, Mother Nature seems to do whatever she pleases. Please review our cancellation policy to help understand how we handle weather delays and cancellations.

Arriving and departing from the lodge at the beginning and end of your stay, “check in” time is typically either 8:30am or 5:30pm, depending on the package you have selected, and “check out” time is typically 8:30am. This helps streamline our daily activities and gives our staff enough time to prepare our cabins and facility between groups. We transport guests to and from Kodiak City either by airplane or boat, depending on weather, tides, and availability.

We recommend Alaska Airlines and arriving into Kodiak City no later than 5:00pm on your arrival day for a PM arrival, or arriving the day prior or no later than 7:00am if your trip includes an AM arrival. Please also plan on departing Kodiak City no earlier than 11:30am on your departure day. This may give you a few hours of layover time in Kodiak City between traveling from the lodge and boarding the flight to Anchorage; so please be prepared to walk around town, where you may find several gift shops, museums, restaurants, and other sights to enjoy in the world famous Kodiak, Alaska. You may have this layover on both your arrival day as well as your departure day. It is often easy for either the boat transportation and/or air taxi service to hold your luggage while you enjoy town.

There will likely be other guests at the lodge participating in the same activities you are participating in. Please note that while you will not share your private cabin with other guests, other travelers may be on the same boat you are fishing on, in the same plane during your bear view, or also participating in a kayaking and/or hiking excursion with you. We do strive to maximize guide to client ratios, and, for example, will not take more than six passengers on our boat.

We specialize in single activity as well as multi-activity packages, and have the staff and equipment to focus on your individual interests. However, it is important to note that we often weave other guests and their interests into the same week, and thereby fix which day you participate in each activity often months in advance. For example, if there are two independent groups visiting the lodge, we may fix one group’s bear view day to coincide with the other group’s day of fishing, thereby maximizing guide to client ratio as well as ensuring each group has an opportunity to participate in the activities they are interested in during their stay. Please feel free to ask us when you arrive which days you will be doing what.

We offer complimentary beer on tap, made right in Kodiak by the Kodiak Island Brewing Company as well as complimentary wine. We invite you to enjoy these libations but please ask that you enjoy them responsibly. State law dictates anyone under twenty one years old shall not consume alcohol, even if given permission by a parent. We also do not offer beer or wine during daily outings, including while on the fishing boats. We are a non smoking property and ask that you smoke on one of our beaches.

We have to follow a somewhat regular schedule to keep our lodge team healthy and happy. We ask guests to come down to the lodge at 7am, and serve breakfast at 7:30. Then activities begin and depart at 8:30am, and in most cases, return between 5:00 and 5:30pm. Dinner is served around 7:30pm, and staff retires at 9:00pm. For those of you enjoying a relaxing day at the lodge please note that the lodge is closed between 1:00pm and 4:00pm and ask guests to retreat to your cabin or enjoy a stroll along the beach or view from one of our observation decks during that time.

It is customary in this industry to tip the lodge and/or staff upon your departure. Please understand that we feel our rates and charges are fair and we truly appreciate your business, thereby, contrary to this tradition, we do not ask for, or expect, a tip or gratuity. However, many of our guests do wish to leave a gratuity and ask us for a standard amount, which is typically 10% of your package price. You may either tip the lodge, which will be divided equally among the staff, or tip the members of our team independently. Lastly, please understand that we are not budgeted to tip our subcontractors; like the pilot and/or guide who may take you on your fly out bear view. Please feel free to tip them upon the conclusion of your experience with them if you choose.

Thank you again for considering a trip to Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge! We always welcome your questions and thoughts on the above or anything else.

~ Birch and Tiffany