Welcome to our scrapbook! Please click on the names below to see testimonials and photos from our guests.  If you have visited us before, please submit a scrapbook page here.

Bill, Deb, Angie, Pat, Kathy & Eric

Ken, Summer, Ken, & Harriet

Laurene and Jurg – Switzerland

Raspberry Island Remote Lodge rounded up our 10-day trip to Alaska-and it was the trip’s highlight!  Nowhere else did we find this abundance of unspoiled nature and wildlife, this special tranquility and serenity.  On our arrival day Birch took the time to show us the feeding grounds of the whales, then the playgrounds of the otters, and finally the rock of the sea-lions-an unforgettable day!  Seeking the Grizzlies at Frasier Lake, being ferry close to them without feeling threatened, was in impressive experience; a walk with Jack along the shoreline showed the unspoiled beauty of Raspberry Strait.  Finally we kayaked a full day in the area, accompanied by eagles, otters and whales.

Ron, Therese, & Teddy – Chicago, IL

We still rate our Raspberry experience as one of our best.  Tied with Europe, better than Cancun and Cabo!

Mike, Liz, Molley, & Andrew

Steve & Tess

Karen & Bill – Asheboro, NC

Thank you Tiffany, Birch and Jack for a wonderful few days on Raspberry Island.  It was the ‘cherry on top’ of a fabulous 30th Anniversary Trip: great food, great fun, peace and quiet.  Tiffany and Birch you have two great kids, too!  This may have been our first trip here, but surely not our last.

Bob & Debbie – Raleigh, NC

Thank you for the wonderful vacation.  The first day was the best of 20 days fishing in Alaska over 3 different trips for us.  We almost couldn’t keep the lines in the water!  But the fun and laughs we had at the lodge with you and your family were even better than the fishing.  Hope to see you soon.

Shane, Alex, Luke, Don, John & Lee – Heath, TX

We enjoyed the hospitality.  Thanks for being so child friendly.  The kids and I had a great trip.

Tim, Patti, Ashley & Hannah – Rolling Green, IN

Thank you so much for your hospitality and opening up your beautiful home.  The food was more than excellent and you and your staff did everything to make our stay as enjoyable as possible.  The fishing was good and we are happy with the 100+lbs we are sending home.  Thanks again for everything and we’ll look forward to our next visit to Raspberry Island Remote Lodge.