Welcome to our scrapbook! Please click on the names below to see testimonials and photos from our guests.  If you have visited us before, please submit a scrapbook page here.

Anna & Rodney

Eric, Susan, Russel & Will – McLean, VA

…we have had stellar five days with Birch, Tiffany, Jack, Fisher, Sage, Maris, and Dakota.  Fishing has been superb, meals fabulous, bear viewing and kayaking a great time for my boys.

We venture back to the hot, humid East Coast with heavy hearts but fond memories (and plenty of fish).

Hope to be back again soon.

Jon, Peg & Rob – Des Moines, ID

Great to be back again!  Fabulous Fishing.  Beautiful weather, great bear view, and of course great cooking, fun, laughter, hope to come back soon.

Paul & Liz – Fairbanks, Alaska

We absolutely loved visiting Raspberry Island!  Thank you so much for a great trip!!  We really look forward to visiting again.  We will be back!

Steve & Julie

Rick, Andy, Tyke, Chris, Scott, Ed & Jim

Thanks again for a great long weekend at Raspberry. I had some fantastic first time experiences during my days there. I had never fished with flies or gone deep sea fishing before. Your hospitality was wonderful! The staff was really helpful and fun to be around. I came back and put the fish immediately to work. So far, halibut shish kabob and grilled fillets both were wonderful. I never had fresher fish! I hope you have a really successful summer season and hope to see you soon.

Tim, Becky, Don & Vicki – Knoxville, TN

Thanks so much for everything! You catered to your every need and really spoiled us! You made us feel so welcome in your wonderful home! Raspberry (Island Remote) Lodge is a great place to stay! The cabins are perfect! The food fantastic!

The fishing was so much fun! Of course, the women outfished the men!! Birch is and awesome guide!! Can’t say enough about all he did for us! From the first day: Whales, sea otters, a Sea Lion eating a salmon and a bear to the last day: the biggest salmon of our trip! It was all tremendous! Can’t wait to return!!

Don and Vicki

From the moment we boarded the boat on Kodiak it has been a treat. Birch treated us to a full symphony of whales blowing and diving and showing us tail on the trip out. Then a multitude of otters were on display with a sea lion with a salmon in his mouth in their midst. We arrived and the whole clan greeted us like they had waited months for us to get here. We kayaked the same afternoon and while watching an eagle on her nest were treated with a bear calmly eating grass and not minding us a bit.

Fishing was so much fun the next day and the guys finally learned how to help Birch a little, while the girls reeled in the King SALMON! Everything has been excellent including the accommodations, food and activities. Everyone has been so service oriented and want you to be so pampered. We have enjoyed everything immensely including the kids and dogs. Tiffany is a ***** (five star) chef. Yummy cookies!

Tim and Becky

Julian & Helga

Emily & Adrian

Michelle – Austin, TX

Thank you so much for sharing your home and Kodiak Island. My adventure was incredible, as incredible as your hospitality. My memories of this place will be unforgettable. I can’t wait to come back and make more, especially to share them with my family and friends.