Welcome to our scrapbook! Please click on the names below to see testimonials and photos from our guests.  If you have visited us before, please submit a scrapbook page here.

Hall & Goulden – Poulsbo, WA & Portola Valley, CA

This was our first visit BUT not our last! We each brought back a 100 pounds of fish – mostly Halibut and Silver Salmon with some Black Rockfish too. The wildlife is amazing.

Goulden and Hall – Portola Valley, CA and Poulsbo, WA

Mike and I first visited the lodge in 2011. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we made our wives join us this year (Yes, this is absolutely true!). They came somewhat reluctantly but we started planning another longer visit in 2013 during our return flights. The sockeye and crab were very cooperative as was the wildlife.

Vic & Tracy

Sometimes you got to a place and expect or at least hope it will be great-and are disappointed. And some times magic happens…..The scenery, bears, fishing, jokes and hospitality are all something we will never forget. Warning though—we’re sending all our friends to visit. It is sad for us to leave.  – Vic

I will never forget the kayaking and wonderful setting. The scenery was fantastic. I will always remember my first fly fishing lesson…Thanks again for a great week. – Tracy


Terry & Mason

Mason and I really enjoyed our week at your beautiful lodge.  Everyone was warm and friendly and worked so hard to make our experience the best.  We love the beauty of this place and enjoyed all the activities…

Stu & Nancy


Thanks for a great trip. It was all I wanted and more.

Sky Trekking Alaska

Rick & Andy

Peter & Susan

We have had a delightful, if all too brief, first visit to Raspberry Island. We have been planning this trip for years and imagining the place, but the reality far outweighs the imagining. The hospitality has been delightful and the environment wonderful. We will be taking home heavy boxes of fish, but the memories will far outweigh that!

Lou, Billy, Bob, Chris & Mark

I’m now scheming to return in 2010. My kayak trip across the strait to Afognak to see the Eagle nest, mom with chicks was excellent. There was an elkI have dreamed of a place like this since I was a little boy, but never knew it existed in reality until this week. You have helped our family to make wonderful memories that none of us will ever forget!