Welcome to our scrapbook! Please click on the names below to see testimonials and photos from our guests.  If you have visited us before, please submit a scrapbook page here.

Len and Rick – Auburn, Al and Mobile, Al

Two retired professors from Auburn University wanted to fish while escaping the summer heat. Kodiak Island was perfect, we never broke a sweat. Fishing for salmon, halibut and other species of lesser name was the aim. We were not disappointed and our home freezers hold the proof. The big one that did not get away weighed 121 lb ( see pictures ). Tiffany and the children were tending to family duties in South Dakota but Birch took good care of us along with his attentive help. Accomodations were excellent as was the food. Along with the fish, we helped trap Tanner crabs which were served fresh and hot at the end of the day while Birch cleaned the days catch. A half day, fly-in bear watch did not disappoint. Our experience was worth every penny and we recommend Raspberry Island Remote Lodge to anyone who would like to experience the beauty, wildlife and fishing that Alaska has to offer. Thanks Birch!

Bowe/Wright Clan – Eau Claire, WI

The boys were out fishing and we needed a day off from all that work. After nice long hike along the beach and a gallon ziplock full of salmonberries picked from halfway up the mountain……we sat on the deck and enjoyed this amazing view with some of the warmest sunshine my skin has ever felt.

Ray and Sarah Baker – Bismarck, ND

Thanks again for a wonderful stay at Raspberry Island. All of us are raving about the fantastic hospitality and accommodations offered by you and the staff. The fishing was fantastic. The meals were fantastic. The kayaking and hiking were fantastic. You surpassed our expectations and provided us an experience we will never forget.

Mary and Rich Veit – Lake Park, MN

Loved the time at the Lodge during our first visit to Alaska! Thanks for the memories, the hospitality, and the great fish that we brought home!

Roger & Susan – Honolulu, Hawaii

Thanks for sharing your special part of the world, family, home and business. You and your staff make everyone feel comfortable and welcome. We have many fond memories of our time at Raspberry Island.

Kym & Mark – Eagle River, AK

As the lodge’s website developer, I’ve been drooling over the pictures and descriptions of the lodge on the website for over three years now.  My opportunity to visit did not disappoint!  It’s amazing when you find new ways to experience the beauty of this state as local Alaskans.  My husband and I will definitely be back!

Deena and Tom Norton – Phoenix, Arizona

We went to Raspberry Island for our honeymoon. I have numerous dietary restrictions and was very nervous about going somewhere where I couldn’t go to a grocery store to supplement the foods and get enough nutrition. Tiffany listened and reassured me that they would take care of me and they did. The food was awesome and they made me feel safe.

We’ve never been on a fishing trip and I went because Tom wanted to go. It was THE BEST!!! We had a blast and want to go back just for the fun of fishing with Birch and the gang. The halibut and salmon were amazing and the family atmosphere of everyone coming down to meet the boat when it came in each day was so much fun. Hanging out, talking about the adventures of the day, eating fresh tanner crab, drinking beer…awesome!!!

We’re big aviation buffs and loved the float plane rides. Who knew that a “fly out bear viewing” meant you parked in the ocean, walked onto an island and hung out with the bears – yikes! LOL! Our guide made us feel safe which is so crazy in hindsight, but it was a once in a lifetime experience.

Roger and Brandon Podhola – Rhinelander/Green Bay, Wisconsin

What an outstanding experience! We fit in so much during our week at the lodge. The staff and other guests from FL quickly became new friends and we had some great times together. We returned home with halibut, salmon and crab to last us awhile and the fishing, hiking, kayaking, wildlife and great jokes will always be remembered as some of the many highlights of the week. Our expectations were exceeded. Now the countdown begins for our next visit to Raspberry Island.

Thanks Birch, Tiffany, Mike, Chelsea, Scott, Devin, Sage, Fisher, Kenny and Linda. We had a lot of fun.

Hall & Goulden – Poulsbo, WA & Portola Valley, CA

This was our first visit BUT not our last! We each brought back a 100 pounds of fish – mostly Halibut and Silver Salmon with some Black Rockfish too. The wildlife is amazing.

Goulden and Hall – Portola Valley, CA and Poulsbo, WA

Mike and I first visited the lodge in 2011. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we made our wives join us this year (Yes, this is absolutely true!). They came somewhat reluctantly but we started planning another longer visit in 2013 during our return flights. The sockeye and crab were very cooperative as was the wildlife.