Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge

Construction Projects this Spring!

May 2012 was an extremely busy month here on Raspberry Island.  My parents moved our family to this property in 1983, which, at that time, was a bare piece of ground covered in Salmon Berry thickets and Alders.  Time, hard work, and determination turned the property into what it is today.  While the lodge and surrounding buildings have been ‘done’ for years, Tiffany and I still try to make improvements every year, improving our service and facility for you, our guests.

This year we installed a new 3,000 gallon state of the art Advantex Sewer system, which outputs clean water and uses a light electrical charge and extensive filtration system to help and encourage natural bacteria when breaking down waste.  To get the tank and excavation equipment out to Raspberry Island we hired a 96′ landing craft as transport.  Since it had extra room on deck we also decided to load the lumber order needed to follow through with the cabin additions we  have wanted to do for years, now each cabin has it’s own shower and hot water heater!  That freed up space formerly occupied by the upper and lower showers, so turned the lower shower house into a second laundry room with room for cabin linens and available washer and dryer for guests to use.  Next year we’ll complete the conversion of the now vacant upper shower house into a quaint reading/relaxing room with a commanding view of the entire property and of course Raspberry Strait and Afognak Island.  Our walk in freezer is now installed and is so efficient it has our fish freezing within a few hours of the filleting and vacuum sealing process.

It has been quite the process and we had amazing people help us with these various projects, up to 20 people here helping for the month of May.  We can’t wait to show the improvements off and are getting good reviews so far!