Fly out bear viewing in Alaska starts with, well, flying. The two most popular airplanes used around Kodiak Island are the DeHavilland Beaver and Cessna 206, all equipped with pontoons, or floats, to land in the water. A bush pilot’s pick-up-truck, these planes are the work horses of the Alaska wild. Flying is often the only, or certainly one of the very few, ways to get from point A to point B. It is an ideal way to get to the Katmai coast or different parts of the Kodiak Islands to see Brown Bears, and to see some of the beautiful countryside in between. Each aircraft is inspected on a regular basis, by law, for any minute discrepancy, and your pilot will be very experienced, both as a pilot and as a guide into bear country.

In two short days we have seen whales, bears, otters, fox, eagles, and puffins, thank you the Robbins family.
~ Tom and Brian, Bristol, England