Bear Viewing

Bear Viewing

The Kodiak Island Brown Bear is the largest land meat-eater in the world. They are big; often can stand over ten feet tall, are incredibly intelligent, and have extremely keen senses. To some, they symbolize Kodiak and Alaska. Our guests are often surprised, however, to find bears grazing on grass, rolling and playing with their cubs, showing pouty facial expressions, and comically splashing around trying to bat a salmon out of a river.

We do see bears from Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge. However, they are hunted in the spring and fall, and, like a deer or anything else that is hunted, they are typically shy and are usually only seen from a distance. For this reason, we work closely with different sea plane charter services in the area and have them pick you up at the lodge and fly down to the Kodiak National Wildlife Refute or over to nearby Katmai National Park. Upon landing, your pilot will guide you a short walk into bear country. He or she will focus on your safety and the comfort of the animals, all the while presenting you with an experience of a lifetime as the bears often get very close. It is very exciting and highly recommended on any trip to Alaska.

The standard bear viewing trip is about four hours, after which you will be flown back to the lodge to carry on with other activities.  You might also consider adding on to your bear view a glacier view, where you will fly over and land near one of these Alaskan wonders.  Also easily available is a shorter flight-see, where just flying in a small float plane is an experience in itself! We welcome your interest in this area and are happy to prepare some ideas for you to review.

My wife will never forgive you if you get my *@# bit by a bear!
~ Carl R., Vermont

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