Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge

Sea Kayaking

One of the things that make Raspberry Island special is the incredible sea kayaking opportunities that start right in front of the lodge.  We have 5 Necky two-person kayaks, and 4 Necky single person kayaks.  These boats are nice and wide, suitable for beginners, yet are designed to glide through the water quietly as we approach sea otters, birds, and other wildlife, even whales!  Our guides are knowledgeable of the local flora and fauna and focus on your experience, energy, and enthusiasm.

Along with the wildlife we may see, the daily tides continuously change the exposed coastline on each trip.  High tide can create nooks and cracks and archways to kayak among, while low tide reveals clam beds and star fish just below the water’s surface.

It’s also very easy to pull in to a sunny black shale beach and enjoy the view or beach comb among the driftwood.  Guests have discovered Japanese glass balls, pretty rocks and shells, and even a note in a bottle!

It’s easy to add a day or more of sea kayaking to your trip, or just focus on kayaking during your entire stay.  Please let us know what your priorities and focuses are on your next vacation to Alaska; and if kayaking is on your list, we specialize in it.  We have the equipment and team in place, focusing on the beautiful area we call home in different ways, all without interrupting the other activities we offer.