Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge

Ken and Lisa Reason – Lakewood, California

Amazingly we were able to go on this bucket list trip during COVID!!! First time to Alaska, and this was the the best. 3 days fishing and one day bear view. I am trying to explain the visit, but it was so totally amazing. Upon arrival, we were geared up and went out to fish immediately. We had amazing fishing every time we went out. For me, Lisa, it was first time fishing, first time on float plane, alot of firsts. I caught the biggest fish though! 115 halibut is what I am told. After full day fishing, my husband loved the kegorator on shore. I enjoyed the hors devors made by Chef, ready on arrival back at the lodge. Our cabin was beautiful, cozy and comfortable. Slept like a baby each night. Great meals, lunches and snacks on boat daily. The float plane pilots were great. The bear viewing guide was amazing, just like Grizzly Adams. We got so close to the big brown bears, but were assured they were sufficiently occupied with the salmon. Always felt safe. Went for a hike after bear viewing up above the lodge. It was just a super place, super people. Birch and Tiffany, their kids and the crew, along with friends we made – everyone was super easy to get along. We had the best best time and will always recommend Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge!