Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge

Deena and Tom Norton – Phoenix, Arizona

We went to Raspberry Island for our honeymoon. I have numerous dietary restrictions and was very nervous about going somewhere where I couldn’t go to a grocery store to supplement the foods and get enough nutrition. Tiffany listened and reassured me that they would take care of me and they did. The food was awesome and they made me feel safe.

We’ve never been on a fishing trip and I went because Tom wanted to go. It was THE BEST!!! We had a blast and want to go back just for the fun of fishing with Birch and the gang. The halibut and salmon were amazing and the family atmosphere of everyone coming down to meet the boat when it came in each day was so much fun. Hanging out, talking about the adventures of the day, eating fresh tanner crab, drinking beer…awesome!!!

We’re big aviation buffs and loved the float plane rides. Who knew that a “fly out bear viewing” meant you parked in the ocean, walked onto an island and hung out with the bears – yikes! LOL! Our guide made us feel safe which is so crazy in hindsight, but it was a once in a lifetime experience.