Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge

Bill, Meribeth, Chris, Steve & Trish

I’m now scheming to return in 2010.  My kayak trip across the strait to Afognak to see the Eagle nest, mom with chicks was excellent.  There was an elk herd over the top of the mountain behind the lodge….One day on negative tide there was octopus hunting.  And not to mention the sea otters, foxes on distant beaches, great hikes, and learning about natural energy sources such as the hydro electric and solar!…Birch you outdid yourself to hunt down the King Salmon and guide us to their elusive holes.  We are all looking forward to another visit. –  Meribeth

Awesome week!  Glad to bring in the biggest King of the season! – Chris

Birch, thanks for all the exciting fishing… –  Steve

What can we possibly say that has not already been said?  Except we feel like we saw the real Alaska and had the experience that most people will never get to have! – Trish