Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge

Bill, Jean, Bob, Paul, Tom & Kate – Warminster, PA

9/18  Our first impressions of this location is one of awe and excitement.  My pulse is racing just thinking about staying this week.

9/20  The reality of this trip has out paced my imagination; and please don’t think my imagination feeble.  Birch is equal parts clever, enthusiastic, kind and thoughtful.  How does he manage to keep up the energy to still be excited about another whale or otter or seal or eagle.  It’s totally infectious.  Our muscles ache with the joy of the wants of another day.  And Tiffany is no less wonderful, attentive, sweet, generous.  There is also another factor which is no more than the luck of the draw–the other people staying here.  I want to befriend each one of them.  I want to meet them all here again next year…

Thanks for a wonderful time!