Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge

Early Booking

This will mark our sixth season since Tiffany and I bought the lodge and business from my parents in 2008. I grew up here on Raspberry Island, helping my folks develop the property and working for them during the summer seasons, and Tiffany first visited Raspberry Island in May of 2001, ultimately working here as well, starting that fall season.  Yet it is certainly a different experience being responsible for our the property, boats, how we present ourselves to the public in a competitive environment, and ultimately, our guests’ experience from the first e-mail through future trips down the road.

Every year we continue to strive to make Raspberry Island a desirable, exciting, and fulfilling destination for new and returning guests.  We are honored and humbled by the support we receive. However, as we grow, we are turning away more and more people, both potentially new travelers as well as groups trying to return, because our five private cabins are already booked.  After much thought we decided to change our “Early Booking” policy, simply requesting $500 per person to secure  your dates if you complete reservations a calendar year in advance.  These dates are also flexible; if something changes in your schedule we can shift your trip in our calendars if we have availability at that time.  Finally, it is a good way to capitalize on current rates in the event we have to raise our rates in the future.  The complete description, as well as our cancellation policy, is outlined on the Deposit/Cancellation page of our website.