While we do not have glaciers here on Raspberry Island, or anywhere on Kodiak, for that matter, we are happy to offer viewing and experiencing glaciers in our fly out trips. Like Alaska, these things are big, old, beautiful, and – hee hee – cold. It is easy to add an hour to a fly out bear view to fly over, land, and enjoy this truly Alaskan experience. Or, guests may also enjoy a two and a half hour flightsee, where you can just fly over the glaicers and around the countryside enjoying the sights. It is very easy to weave this experience into our existing packages with other activities, or to build a package that will focus on it.

What can we possibly say that has not already been said? Except we feel like we saw the real Alaska and had the experience that most people will never get to have.
~ Trish and Steve, Nocona, TX