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Bill & Ann


Bill, Meribeth, Chris, Steve & Trish


I’m now scheming to return in 2010.  My kayak trip across the strait to Afognak to see the Eagle nest, mom with chicks was excellent.  There was an elk herd over the top of the mountain behind the lodge….One day on negative tide there was octopus hunting.  And not to mention the sea otters, foxes on distant beaches, great hikes, and learning about natural energy sources such as the hydro electric and solar!…Birch you outdid yourself to hunt down the King Salmon and guide us to their elusive holes.  We are all looking forward to another visit. –  Meribeth

Awesome week!  Glad to bring in the biggest King of the season! – Chris

Birch, thanks for all the exciting fishing… –  Steve

What can we possibly say that has not already been said?  Except we feel like we saw the real Alaska and had the experience that most people will never get to have! – Trish

Bill, Jean, Bob, Paul, Tom & Kate – Warminster, PA


9/18  Our first impressions of this location is one of awe and excitement.  My pulse is racing just thinking about staying this week.

9/20  The reality of this trip has out paced my imagination; and please don’t think my imagination feeble.  Birch is equal parts clever, enthusiastic, kind and thoughtful.  How does he manage to keep up the energy to still be excited about another whale or otter or seal or eagle.  It’s totally infectious.  Our muscles ache with the joy of the wants of another day.  And Tiffany is no less wonderful, attentive, sweet, generous.  There is also another factor which is no more than the luck of the draw–the other people staying here.  I want to befriend each one of them.  I want to meet them all here again next year…

Thanks for a wonderful time!



I had a fabulous time here at RIRL!  You are wonderful hosts and offer everything one can expect from an Alaskan Adventure.  Great fishign, crabbing, eating….Well done on all fronts!



Dave, Jim & David – Santa Cruz, CA


Hello Birch and Tiffany … Just wanted to let you know that we have been eating the halibut and silvers we brought home several nights a week and they are excellent!  Thanks again…



Mark, Linda & Andy – Knoxville, TN & Destin, FL


What another wonderful stay at Raspberry Island!  The level of comfort provided by Tiffany, Birch and staff makes this one of the best lodges in Alaska.  The food was great, the fishing was outstanding and the facilities are top notch.  The ability to fish for different species and to fish in several different locations in one day makes this area very unique.  The silvers were here in full force and I enjoyed targeting them in both salt and fresh water.  This was some of the best salmon fishing we have had in Alaska. Thanks so much for all of the hard work to make our week so much fun.  We will be back!

Andy – Knoxville, TN

Dear Birch, Tiffany, Fisher and Sage,

Honestly, I don’t know where to begin.  From the moment Mark and Andy started planning this trip, I have been replaying our previous Alaska vacations in my mind.  Each one was different, floating, bare boating, lots of fishing–BUT nothing prepared me for your wonderful lodge experience!  I have never felt so instantly welcomed, so involved and so satisfied at the end of the day.  Thank you for all of your hard work and kindness….  And of course, the big bonus-lots of fish and crab!

We can’t wait till next time!

Mark and Linda – Destin, FL


Laura & Kjell


Weather could not have been any nicer.  Warm and sunny-which was an unexpected surprise!  Fishing was fantastic-we will be taking home a lot of fish.  Birch, Tiffany and crew did an outstanding job with everything!  We hope to come back soon 🙂

Ed & Brad – Palm Coast, FL

Wonderful 5 days of fishing and relaxing.  Taking home plenty of halibut, salmon and crab-limited on all 2 days, last day of ‘fun fishing’ incredible, I caught and released over 15 Silvers and uncounted Pinks on flies and spinners.  Birch did a great job putting us on the fish and keeping us relaxed with the conversation.

I’ve fished Alaska before but this is the only place that I’m already planning to come back to (in the near future if possible).

Tiffany and Liz kept the food coming, in quantity and quality.

Wonderful people, wonderful fishing, wonderful site.  5 stars on everything.