Guests to Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge have recommended geocaching as a possible new activity, so we’re doing it. Geocaching is growing in popularity and utilizes a GPS to help find a hidden cache someone has stashed, and uploaded the coordinates to the geocaching website. New in 2010, we thought it would be fun to place some caches with a notebook and have a GPS on hand with the coordinates already uploaded. Also popular is placing a treasure in the cache to reward the finder – though a similar treasure must be left for the next Geocacher! Find the cache, sign the book, swap treasures, and enjoy the view. Without a doubt this new activity will blend in well with our existing Naturalist or Explorer Packages.

What an awesome nine days we have had here on Raspberry Island. All of you have made us feel so welcome. The knowledge of Alaska that you have shared with us is something we will never forget….Our memories here at Raspberry Island will last a lifetime.
~ Chuck, Holly, Chaz, and Trevor C.,  Des Moines, IA